Welcome to the website of Allegiance/Allegiancé on Khaz'goroth. We are a social guild, both on Alliance and Horde, and our focus is basically to have fun while playing a game we all enjoy. Our members have various preferences when it comes to play style, dungeoning, pvping, achievements, farming, professions, raids, or a selection of these, and advice is often given via guild chat about various aspects of the game.  All members are encouraged to get involved in guild life, whether it be by running a guild event, grouping with similar levels for dungeons, posting helpful tips in our website forums, or something as simple as regularly keeping guild chat alive. This involvement is rewarded via a points system which makes our member ranks fair and obtainable for all regardless of level. These points are also updated from time to time based on a characters active time in guild. Players of any level and class are welcome to join us. If you are a member and have just registered on this site, please read the forums under News, and claim your characters in Guild Roster. And remember Allegiance/Allegiancé is your guild. This is your site. Please enjoy it. Loz =)